PaprieX manufactures and trades in natural ingredients that are used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Product ranges include Paprika oleoresin, Capsicum oleoresin, Chilli spice mixes, Cayenne and Paprika powders.

Speciality products include spice oleoresins, essential oils, dried spices, canned and frozen goods sourced from our contract manufacturers and farmers.

Paprika and Capsicum oleoresin are available per customer requirements. Customers can request their specific colour, heat, solubility and stability requirements.

Paprika oleoresins are mainly used to provide natural colouring and flavour to food products. De-flavoured Paprika Oleoresin is used to provide colour only to food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Capsicum oleoresin is used to provide heat and flavour to food products. While higher SHU (heat units) capsicum is used in pepper spray.

We manufacture a variety of spice powders and crushes, the largest of which are paprika, cayenne, chilli and paprika spent.

Raw materials are sourced directly from our farms, dried then ground or crushed. Final product is sterilized according to customer requirements. Depending on contract volumes, we can manufacture to a client’s specific powder colour and/or heat requirement.

Papriex distributes a wide variety of other speciality food ingredients. Through our extensive farming network in Southern Africa we source numerous unique plant, vegetable and fruit products grown in Africa. These include varying grades of cherry peppers, frozen blueberries, processed avocado products and whole bird’s eye chilli.

Goods are produced and packaged according to client specifications and generally shipped on an agency basis FOB port.


All Oleoresins, Essential oils, Powders and Natural colours we use in our blends are FSA, Kosher and Halaal Certified.

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