Papriex Products


We manufacture paprika oleoresin and capsicum oleoresin which is solvent extracted. Packaged sizes are as per customer requirement but typically we stock 1000 kg, 200 kg or 25 kg containers. It is possible to blend according to customer colour, heat, solubility and stability requirements. Our products are Kosher, Halaal and GMO free.


We manufacture a variety of spice powders and crushes, the largest of which are paprika, cayenne, chilli and paprika spent meal. Raw materials are sourced directly from our farms, dried then ground or crushed. Final product is sterilized according to customer requirements. Depending on contract volumes, we can manufacture to a client’s specific powder colour and/or heat requirement.

Speciality Ingredients

Papriex procures and trades in a wide variety of other speciality food ingredients. Through our extensive farming network, we source numerous unique plant, vegetable and fruit products grown throughout Southern Africa. Goods are produced and packaged according to client specifications.

Where ingredients are not available in Southern Africa, we also procure spices, oleoresins and essential oils procured from select reputable international manufacturers.